Internet Security and Data Protection

ARAK Data Protection Suite 31-08-2020 Release note
– Overall
– Fix bug where fonts are not render as intended.
– Modules now able to use in every accounts in local machine.
– Data Filtering Service
– Now shows loading screen in between actions that require responses from server.
– Enable password requirement for setting modification.
– Password is not changeable at setting menu.
– Allow users to change opacity of the form by scrolling mouse wheel over logo at the top left corner.
– Fix bug where service stop working after an hour.
– License Manager
– Now only allow modules to be uninstalled only when the license manager interface is running as administrator.
– Modification to registration page to better display information about key usage.
– Now display version of services.
– Now display version of itself.

ARAK Data Protection Suite Release note
– License Manager Interface
– User now able to select which module to install from available module of active licenses.
– User now able to uninstall individual modules from ARAK License Manager Interface.
– Add more UI explantion tool tips.
– Data Filtering Service
– Local database files are now encrypted.
– Fix bug where “Cannot connect to server” error message still being displayed even though the connection has been restored.
– Other
– Fix bug where shortcut in startup folder not remove during uninstall.
– Fix bug where interfaces are not run at startup.
– Hide command prompt during module installation.

ARAK Data Protection Suite Release note
– All module can perform self-update.
– Installer download newest version from server instead of install application from resource.
– Fix bug where service unable to create desktop and start menu shortcut.

ARAK Data Protection Suite Release note
– Data Filtering Interface
– Fix screen flicking on low performance machine.
– Fix bug where interface not recgonizte that the filtering service was stopped.
– Setting button is now enabled. Allow filter categories and safe search selection.
– Start License Manager button is now enabled
– Users will now be informed if cannot connected to Data Filtering Service
– Module is now detecting windows light/dark mode and adjust color appropriately.
– Data Filtering Service
– Save registry proxy settings to file and always use it to restore the registry intends of saving a new one every time at start of the proxy.
– UI Engine
– Fix bug where object move under mouse no longer trigger events.
– Allow mouse event to be block by object that is on top of it.